It all began with a 1970 Pontiac. Terry’s sister gave him the car because it had been in an accident, and had a worn out engine. It was just the dream that 15 year old Terry had been dreaming. Terry took the car apart by himself, rebuilt the engine, and had his first car on the road, beginning what would become a lifetime mission to fix and repair vehicles.

Through various jobs, Terry landed at P & R Service in Stevensville. As his skills grew, so did his training and certifications, eventually rising to Certified Automotive Technician. Customers came to know and appreciate Terry’s work, and would request that only Terry work on their car.

After 30 years with P & R Service, Terry started Ender’s Auto Repair, on Red Arrow Highway, just south of Stevensville. Customers have followed him to the new business, and although he started at the same time as the Covid 19 pandemic, Ender’s Auto Repair has been a rapidly growing business, ready to help customers with almost any car problem. From changing your oil to changing your engine, you can Depend on Enders- Ender’s Auto Repair. And you’ll see Terry checking out every repair or service ticket.